7 Working with the Sample Report Package

Use report packages to create reports quickly and easily. Narrative Reporting includes three sample report packages (a Word-based sample report package, a PowerPoint-based sample report package and a PDF-based sample report package) to help you learn to use the product. Use the sample report packages to get familiar with report package functionality by performing these tasks:

  • Navigate to the report center to learn about doclets and sections.

  • Edit the report package to enable development phases, set timelines, and assign users.

  • Assign authors to doclets.

  • Edit the style sample file to see how it affects the look and feel of the report.

  • Work the report package through the three phases of development, from starting the author phase to signing off on the report package.


An administrator must extract the sample report package and assign access to you before you can view it. See Installing Samples.

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