Creating EDGAR Documents with Disclosure Management

For SEC filers, Disclosure Management offers a comprehensive solution to create, validate and publish both EDGAR HTML and XBRL filings for the SEC. Using Disclosure Management, users can generate both the EDGAR HTML and XBRL filing documents from the Disclosure Management report while ensuring that the generated output is compliant with EDGAR Filer Manual validation rules.

The following steps focus specifically on EDGAR HTML generation, but are intended to be used in conjunction with your XBRL creation steps. Users may choose to utilize the same Disclosure Management report and doclets to generate both HTML and XBRL documents.

To create EDGAR documents:

  1. Incorporate your reporting content into your Microsoft Word and/or Excel doclets as you would generally do. For EDGAR HTML generation, you need to create additional doclets to include non-XBRL content including the cover page, table of contents, additional notes, and other content.

  2. Incorporate your doclets into the Disclosure Management report.

  3. Optional: Utilize Disclosure Management variables to help manage the Table of Contents or to keep common data in sync.

  4. Finalize the look and feel of the Disclosure Management report. The Disclosure Management report should look like the final report that you intend to generate into EDGAR HTML. Therefore, care should be taken to ensure that doclets are arranged in the appropriate order, formatting is appropriate, and non-desired HTML content is hidden from view, for example, DEI tagging information for the XBRL filing.

  5. Prior to validation or generation steps, ensure that Disclosure Management variables are in "Evaluated" mode so that the Disclosure Management report appears as in its final state.

  6. On the Disclosure Management, select Validate, then US SEC, and then EDGAR HTML to check your documents against the HTML validation rules for the EDGAR Filers Manual.

  7. Review and resolve errors as needed.

  8. On the Disclosure Management, select Publish, and then EDGAR HTML to generate the final documents. An EDGAR file save dialog is displayed.

  9. Specify a zip file name and click Save. The zip file name will be the name of your HTML document. You can rename this document at a later time if you choose. All appropriate documents are saved into the named zip file. The zip file will include the EDGAR HTML document as well as any image files that are used in your report.

After your documents are generated in the final step above, Disclosure Management’s role in publishing your documents is complete. It is the filer’s responsibility to submit the documents into the SEC website. Ensure that the appropriate EDGAR access codes have been applied to submit your documents through the SEC submission system. See EDGAR Filer Manual for more information.