Inserting or Removing Reports Based Content in a Doclet

With a Reference doclet created by the report package owner and content added in the form of Reports, a doclet author can add or remove embedded content in a doclet. For example, the doclet author can add a profitability chart from the Reports Reference doclet as embedded content in their doclet.


When adding embedded content from Narrative Reporting, the embedded content is inserted at the end of a Word-based doclet, or an additional slide is created at the end of the PowerPoint-based doclet that contains the embedded content. In Oracle Smart View for Office, you can insert content in a specific position in the doclet. See Setting Up Narrative Reporting in Smart View for more information.

To insert or remove available content in a doclet:

  1. Select a doclet that you have access to within the report center, click doclet actions arrow, select Act on Content and then select Check Out.
  2. Select Act on Content and then select Inspect Embedded Content. The Inspect dialog is displayed for the doclet with the Embedded Content tab displayed by default along with available content that was previously added.
  3. To add embedded content to your doclet, select add. An Embed Available Content dialog is displayed. Select the available content to embed, and then click OK. Click Close to close the Embedded Content dialog.
  4. Select a source object to embed and select OK. Content is embedded at the end of the Word doclet in Narrative Reporting or in a new slide at the end of a Power Point presentation.


    The available content can not be edited in the doclet. It can be modified only from the Microsoft Office Excel document or the Reports in the Reference doclet.
  5. Optional: An author can add new report content. From the Embed Available Content dialog, select New Report Content at the bottom of the dialog.
    New Report Content dialog box.
  6. Select OK when you are done.
  7. Optional: From the Embedded Content dialog - Report Contents tab you can delete embedded report contents. Select delete next to the report content you want to delete. A warning message is displayed.
  8. Select Close.
  9. Select Act on Content and select Check In .
  10. Select Close.
  11. Optional: Select Act on Content and select Refresh Embedded Content. This updates all the embedded content consumed by the doclet, including any additions or deletions you performed in the steps above.
    The server automatically refreshes all doclets with embedded content from the Reference doclet when it is checked in. Preview a doclet to see the updated report contents.
  12. If you are satisfied with your changes, and select Act on Content and select Upload and then Check In.


    • In PowerPoint Report Packages, an embedded Report Notes or Text Boxes may appear distorted or with overlapping text in PowerPoint when the fonts used within the text boxes are not installed on the client machine. To fix this, install the missing fonts used within the text boxes on the client machine.

    • In PowerPoint Report Packages, embedded Report Notes or Text Boxes may appear distorted or with overlapping text when the PowerPoint Presentation is converted to a PDF file using the Save As function. Best practice is to convert the PowerPoint Report Package or doclets to PDF using the Publish to PDF or Download Preview as PDF from the browser. Alternatively, you can leverage a print to PDF function within PowerPoint.

    • In PowerPoint, Embedded Report charts that include underlined text within Axis and Data labels may appear with the underline partially applied.