Using Audits

Audits are stored in the system-generated Audit Logs folder. It contains system-generated audits for the entire system and audit reports that were run on specific artifacts. Audit-type extracts that can be run on library artifacts and folders by a service administrator. An audit extract allows you to view who made changes to an artifact or folder, when it was changed, and what was changed.

Considerations and actions for audits:

  • Actions in the system are captured in a running system audit.

  • Users can extract audit entries for folders or artifacts to which they have administrator permissions.

  • Only audit log type artifacts are allowed in this folder.

  • All users can view this folder, but are only allowed to view audit log artifacts that they created.

  • Users with the Service Administrator role can view any audit log artifact.

  • Users can’t copy or move any artifacts into or out of this folder.

  • Users can download an audit log artifact and delete an audit log artifact.

For more information, see Perform an Audit.