General Preferences

Table -4 General Preferences

Preference Description
Time Zone

Your time zone.

Note: The default time zone for new users is (UTC) Reykjavik - Greenwich Mean Time.


The language used to display labels and buttons. If you don’t select a language, then your browser’s locale is used.

Profile Image

You can set your profile to display on the Announcements panel of the Home page.

Click Profile Image to select and open an image file. The image can be of type .png, .jpg, .jpeg, or .gif.

If the uploaded picture exceeds 100 x 100 pixels, it will automatically be resized.

Note: Automatic resizing only impacts new profile images that are uploaded in User Preferences. Existing profile pictures will not be resized.

Your profile picture displays after you sign out and then sign back in.

Alias Setting
Alias Table

Which alias table to use in the Enterprise Profitability and Cost Management application.

An alias is another, often more descriptive, name for a member. Sets of aliases are stored in alias tables. For example, you may have an alias table for English member names, another alias table for German member names.

Display Member Label As

How you want the member name or alias displayed.

If you select Default, then the form, grid, or dimension settings determine how member names are displayed.