Document Purpose

The document is intended to provide overall understanding of Oracle Field Service Cloud API documents.

Scope of the Document

The document provides basic overview of Oracle Field Service Cloud and describes overall SOAP and REST API idea, the use and applications related to each specific API. The document does not cover any front-end and back-end applications descriptions or detailed information on the specific API usage and transactions, as the information is provided in the correspondent SDKs.

Target Audience

The document was designed for those, who work with Oracle Field Service Cloud API documentation.

Accessing APIs

To access the Oracle Field Service Cloud APIs, you must use the https://api.etadirect.com URL scheme. All old URL schemes such as, companyname.etadirect.com, na.etadirect.com, eu.etadirect.com, and so on are deprecated for Oracle Field Service Cloud versions 15.8 and later. For example, if you are using https://companyname.etadirect.com/soap/inbound/?wsdl to access the Inbound WSDL API, the URL per the new scheme is https://api.etadirect.com/soap/inbound/?wsdl.

All Field Service Cloud API calls should be migrated to the https://api.etadirect.com URL scheme. The API URL scheme will work in all previous versions of Oracle Field Service Cloud, starting with release 4.5. API URLs using older URL schemes (such as companyname.etadirect.com, na.etadirect.com, eu.etadirect.com, and so forth) will be deprecated and no longer available for use.

ACTION NEEDED: If you are using Oracle Field Service Cloud release 4.5.x, 15.2.x, 15.5.x or 15.8.x, you should review your current API URL setup in all of your instances, including TEST and PRODUCTION, and any configurations you or a third-party has developed for you. You must update those URLs that do not follow the https://api.etadirect.com/ scheme using the new scheme.

Example case in which URL needs updated:
  • Old, Inbound WSDL URL: https://{company name}.etadirect.com/soap/inbound/?wsdl, https://{company name}.test.etadirect.com/soap/inbound/?wsdl, https://na.etadirect.com/soap/inbound/?wsdl, https://na.test.etadirect.com/soap/inbound/?wsdl, https://eu.etadirect.com/soap/inbound/?wsdl, https://eu.test.etadirect.com/soap/inbound/?wsdl, https://anz.etadirect.com/soap/inbound/?wsdl, https://anz.test.etadirect.com/soap/inbound/?wsdl, https://la.etadirect.com/soap/inbound/?wsdl, or https://la.test.etadirect.com/soap/inbound/?wsdl

  • New Inbound WSDL URL: https://api.etadirect.com/soap/inbound/?wsdl

It is recommended that you update your TEST instance prior to making a change directly in PRODUCTION. Once you validate transactions in your TEST instance are occurring between your back office system(s) to Oracle Field Service Cloud, you can then apply the change in PRODUCTION. After applying the change in PRODUCTION, you should check to make sure transactions are being processed.


Table Glossary Terms




Entity of the Oracle Field Service Cloud system that represents any time consuming activity of the resource


Entity appearing on the resource tree which can contain resources of a defined type and be assigned activities


Workforce possessing the necessary work skills available at a certain moment of time

Capacity category

Predefined set of work skills, work skill groups and time slots within which they are considered by the Capacity Management API


End-customer, entity that benefits from the activity

ISO 8601 format

see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_8601

Other activities

All repeating, mass and shift activities, including those without instances, which are not part of Quota management


Number of minutes allocated by the company to perform activities of a specific capacity category within specific time period by resources of a specific bucket and date


Element in the resource tree representing a defined company asset

Resource External ID

Company-unique key used to identify a specific resource

Resource tree

Hierarchy of company resources showing “parent-child” relationships

SOAP 1.1

Lightweight protocol for exchange of information in a decentralized, distributed environment

see http://www.w3.org/TR/2000/NOTE-SOAP-20000508/

SOAP Interface

Interface used to receive requests and return responses via SOAP

SOAP Client Application

Application running at the Client's site and providing interaction with Oracle Field Service Cloud server via SOAP

SOAP Fault

SOAP element used to carry error and/or status information in a SOAP message

Statistics Agent

Oracle Field Service Cloud module used to recalculate travel and duration statistics based on the more recent data received in the database since its previous run

Time Slot

1) Fixed service window defined with a name and label, specifying when certain types of activities can be performed

2) Service Window (if the activity type does not support time slots)


Number of minutes actually booked to perform activities of a specific capacity category within specific time period by resources of a specific bucket and date


1) Person using Oracle Field Service Cloud

2) Entity used for authentication and authorization, allowing people or external software to access Oracle Field Service Cloud

Work Skill

1) Activity that a resource is qualified to perform (resource property)

2) Qualification required to perform an activity (activity property)

Work Skill Conditions

Set of conditions based on the values of specific activity properties that is used to define the work skills for the activity

Work Skill Group

Several work skills combined in a group. When a work skill group is assigned to a resource, the resource receives all work skills in the group with their levels

Work Zone

Defined geographical area in which a resource can perform an activity