2Configuring Collaboration

Set Up Collaboration for the First Time

First time users needs to complete the tasks in the following list, and familiarize yourself with different user interfaces and basic navigation. The structure of this guide speeds up your implementation by providing a direct link to each core setup task.

Use the following procedure to access the setup tasks, subject to your privileges: This tutorial shows how to set up collaboration in Oracle Field Service Cloud.

Rules to Setup Collaboration

Setup visibility permissions in the system to access Collaboration. These settings allow the authorized administrators and helpdesk to allocate users to various groups and control permissions for them.

Visibility configuration —The three key entities associated with Collaboration visibility configuration are:
  • User: Same as the user defined in the system.

  • User Group: Group of users with similar collaboration visibility.

  • Helpdesk: Collection of users or user groups who are helpdesk operators.

Rules to setup Collaboration:
  • Visibility can be defined between a source entity and a target entity. The source can be a User group and target can be either a User Group or a Helpdesk; this is a symmetrical relationship.

  • A user is automatically marked ‘Admin’ when the Collaboration and the visibility Permissions menu is enabled for that user type. All the admin users can configure permissions for the resources.

  • Admin can configure only the users under the resource tree entries they have access to.

  • By default, a newly added user from a different group cannot collaborate with anyone.

  • When you add new user to the system, setup a user group for that user to enable collaboration.

  • User can collaborate only with the users within the same group/bucket and with the users of other user groups whose visibility setting is configured.

  • Users added to a Helpdesk can see each other by default. They can also perform Helpdesk related operations like transfer, chat etc.

This tutorial shows how to set up collaboration in Oracle Field Service Cloud.

Configure User Groups and Helpdesks

As a user, you can create user groups and helpdesk groups from any resources available to you, subject to your visibility settings. You can select both individual and group resources to your group and apply one of the predefined filters, if needed.

Configure the user groups and helpdesk users in the Collaboration screen. Based on your permissions, you can create, edit and delete a group. You can also map the users against each helpdesk and user group. Only the selected helpdesk and user groups will have visibility to the group created.

  1. Click Configurations > Subsystems And Integrations > Collaboration.

    The Collaboration page opens.

  2. Click add icon to create a user group/helpdesk.

    The New Group page opens.

  3. Configure the following values:

    Option Description
    Name Enter the name of the group
    Type Select the type of the collaboration group:
    • Group: Denotes the user group

    • Helpdesk: Denotes a group of service and support providers to the users

    Active Denotes if the group is active. Unselect the Active check box to make a group inactive.
    Groups to collaborate with Add other groups to have visibility to this group.
    Assisting Helpdesks Add other helpdesk groups to have visibility to this group.
  4. Click Save.

    The group is created.

  5. Add users to the group created fromSettings > Users.

    Available users appear. You can add single user or multiple users at a time.

    This tutorial shows how to set up collaboration in Oracle Field Service Cloud.

Assign Users to the Collaboration Group

Add one or more users to multiple helpdesks and collaboration groups. You can also delete selected users from a group.

You can only add a single user at a time in case you are creating a new user. In case of existing users, you can add multiple users to multiple groups simultaneously.
  1. Click Settings > Users.

    The Users page opens.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • To add existing users: Click a bucket from the left-hand side panel, select the user ID check boxes.

    • To add new user: For the selected bucket, click Add New and enter the user details to save the user.

  3. From the Users page, select the ID check boxes of the users.

  4. Click Edit Collaboration User Group in the header.

  5. Select the Collaboration Group or Operator of Help Desk.

  6. Click OK.

    A Confirm message pop-up opens asking if you wish to proceed.

  7. Click OK.

    The users are assigned to the collaboration group.

    This tutorial shows how to set up collaboration in Oracle Field Service Cloud.

Enable Collaboration Permissions

Users can access Collaboration only when the collaboration permissions are configured against each user type. Configuration includes enabling permissions to transfer the activities, inventory and image sharing via chat.

Only Administrator or your filed manager can enable collaboration permissions for you.
  1. Click Configuration > User Types.

    The User Types page opens.

  2. Under the General tab, select the appropriate Collaboration Permissions against each user type:
    This figure shows Permissions section where you can configure Collaboration permissions.

    Click To:
    Allow inventory move Via chat Share and transfer inventory
    Allow activity move Via chat Share activities
    Allow image sharing Via chat Share images through the chat window
  3. Click Save.

    The collaboration permissions are enabled.

    This tutorial shows how to set up collaboration in Oracle Field Service Cloud.

Troubleshooting Configurations

These common problems can be easily corrected with a change to your configuration settings. Check the suggested solution or contact Oracle support for more help.

Table Troubleshooting reasons

Problem Reason
The Start Conversation link does not display in the Hints box. The Start Conversation action must be added to the Hint context. You may need to define the association between the resource and the hint.
Details about the moved or shared item do not appear in the chat window. Click Expand in the upper right corner of the message. That will give you the space you need to view the details.

The fields in Manage view that contain this information could also be empty. Contact Oracle support to help you define the details in the Resource details in chat, Activity details in chat, or Inventory details in chat context.

The activity icon does not have a name next to it in the chat window. The identify activity context has not yet been defined.
The inventory icon does not have a name next to it in the chat window. The Identify equipment by context: has not yet been defined.
Cannot move inventory items The OFSC Location has not yet been activated. See the Oracle Field Service Cloud Location User Guide for instructions.
This tutorial shows how to set up collaboration in Oracle Field Service Cloud.