Reference topics are especially useful if you're new to REST APIs. You can start by reviewing commonly used REST API terms and the different types of REST resources, such as singular and collection resources. Explore the following topics:

Topic Description
About Shapefiles

Shapefiles explained

Error Message Data Model

Data Model of the JSON-encoded error

Resource Types

Parameters and properties of the two types of resources: singular and collection

SOAP APIs to REST APIs Mapping

SOAP API methods and their corresponding REST API methods

Status Codes

Standard HTTP response codes

Supported Data Types

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) resource attribute types

Supported Events

Events that the client can specify in the request for creating a subscription

Supported HTTP Header Fields

HTTP header fields supported in request and response messages

Supported HTTP Methods

HTTP methods supported on REST resources

Supported Language Codes

Accepted five-character language codes

Supported Media Types

Data formats for HTTP payloads

Supported Tasks

Tasks that can be defined in a REST API resource

Supported Time Zones

Accepted time zones


Commonly used terms