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These topics boost your REST expertise and understanding of concepts and tasks introduced in the Quick Start. Take your REST skills to the next level.

Topic Learn how to
Authenticate and Authorize Use the authentication and authorization methods supported by Oracle Field Service Cloud REST APIs to ensure secure access to data over a network.
Configure OAuth 2.0 Authentication Configure OAuth 2.0 authentication by using token services supported by Oracle Field Service Cloud REST APIs.
Work with your REST API Client Send HTTP requests using cURL and third-party browser extensions or using add-on REST clients.
Manage Collections Manage the display of data returned from a collection by querying, paginating, and filtering operations.
Configure for CORS Configure CORS to define the way a server and a browser can talk to each other and if it's safe to do so across different domains.
Access Metadata Access API metadata such as the version, resource name, resource attributes, actions supported on the resource, child resources, and so on.
Access REST API Using Node.js File Access the Field Service REST API using the Node.js file.