Route Events

The following route events can be specified as part of the request for creating a subscription:

Event Description


The event occurs when activities are assigned to a resource.


The event occurs when a resource's working calendar is changed.


This event can sometimes have empty 'user' field and 'applicationId' set to 'OFSC' even when the operation was performed by a user. This is because route updates are aggregated before the event is generated making it impossible to determine which user performed a specific route update.


The event occurs after starting the resource's working day by activating the route.


The event occurs after ending the resource's working day by deactivating the route.


The event occurs after reopening the resource's route by reactivating the previously deactivated route.

Event Fields

The route events contain the following fields:

  • eventType: The type of the event, such as routeCreated.
  • applicationId: The ID of the application that performed the operation which generated the event. It is only present if the operation was performed by an Application.
  • time: The time of the event in UTC time standard (string). The time format is YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.
  • user: The user who performed this event (string).
  • routeChanges: A record containing the following fields:
    • date: The date of this route.
    • resourceId: The resource of this route.
    • calendarTimeFrom: The work start time of the resource who owns this route.
    • calendarTimeTo: The work end time of the resource who owns this route.
    • timeZone: The time zone of the resource who owns this route.
    • activated: The time of reactivation of this route.
    • deactivated: The time of the deactivation of this route