Resource Work Schedules REST Endpoints

Core/Resources/Resource Work Schedules
The resource work schedules resource is used to view, create, or delete work schedules for a specific resource. Work schedule is a representation of the resource's work calendar, which includes working hours, working and non-working days, reasons for absence, and so on.
Delete a work schedule item
Method: delete
Path: /rest/ofscCore/v1/resources/{resourceId}/workSchedules/{scheduleItemId}
Get a calendar
Method: get
Path: /rest/ofscCore/v1/resources/{resourceId}/workSchedules/calendarView
Get calendars
Method: get
Path: /rest/ofscCore/v1/calendars
Get work schedules
Method: get
Path: /rest/ofscCore/v1/resources/{resourceId}/workSchedules
Set a work schedule
Method: post
Path: /rest/ofscCore/v1/resources/{resourceId}/workSchedules