Applications REST Endpoints


The applications resource is used to create or update an application, update the API access of a specific application, view API access information for one or more applications, and view API configuration for one or more applications. An application is the third-party application that must be registered for making REST or SOAP API calls.

The application entities in Oracle Field Service Cloud are configured through Configuration, Applications. The application entities contain configuration settings for external system end-points and access level settings defined for different Oracle Field Service Cloud APIs.

Note: Certificate files and Client Secret values cannot be obtained or uploaded using the API and you need to manually configure the certificate files and client secret values for each application.

API permissions as a part of API Access entity can have different variants of structure for different APIs such as:

  • Access level based on Oracle Field Service Cloud entities, for example, Metadata API can be configured with Read-only access to Work Skill entity and Read-write access to Work Zone entity.
  • Access level based on API methods and field visibility layouts. For example, Activity Management API can be configured with access to specific methods or can have Read-Only or Read-Write access to specific activity fields.

Configuration: The application used to work with these methods should be set with appropriate permissions for Metadata API.

Important: The application should not have restrictions for Oracle Field Service Cloud resources and should have access to the company root resource.

Create or update an application
Method: put
Path: /rest/ofscMetadata/v1/applications/{label}
Get an application
Method: get
Path: /rest/ofscMetadata/v1/applications/{label}
Get API access for an application
Method: get
Path: /rest/ofscMetadata/v1/applications/{label}/apiAccess/{apiLabel}
Get API accesses for applications
Method: get
Path: /rest/ofscMetadata/v1/applications/{label}/apiAccess
Get applications
Method: get
Path: /rest/ofscMetadata/v1/applications
Update API access for applications
Method: patch
Path: /rest/ofscMetadata/v1/applications/{label}/apiAccess/{apiLabel}