Parts Catalog REST Endpoints

Parts Catalog

The parts catalog resource is used to create a catalog, create or update a catalog item, and delete a catalog item. This helps to synchronize the catalog from an external data source using the Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) adapter. The parts catalog is typically used to search for spare parts in the catalog.

Configuration: The permissions to the Parts Catalog API from the Configuration, Applications (API Access) screen must be granted. Since the Parts Catalog API is not related to a resource in Oracle Field Service Cloud (OFSC), the Allow access only to certain resources parameter can be ignored.

The Parts Catalog service is modified to manage the updates internally so that it does not cause constant catalog redistribution to the technician devices. All the incremental updates to the catalog are collected and applied after a certain period of time, which could take up to 4 hours.

Create a catalog
Method: put
Path: /rest/ofscPartsCatalog/v1/catalogs/{catalog}/{language}
Create or update a catalog item
Method: put
Path: /rest/ofscPartsCatalog/v1/catalogs/{catalog}/{language}/{itemLabel}
Remove a catalog item
Method: delete
Path: /rest/ofscPartsCatalog/v1/catalogs/{catalog}/{language}/{itemLabel}