2How You Monitor Your Usage

View Usage Details in Billing Metrics

The Billing Metrics tab provides details about the OFSC Service usage and the charges for the usage.

These details were sent to the users manually, but, using the Cloud Portal, the users can view the service usage anytime.

You can view the billing metrics for any specific period using the Calendar selection.

This figure shows the Calendar using which you can specify the period for which you want the Billing Metrics.

Download Resource Information as CSV File

You can download the resource information as a CSV file using this option.

Under the Billing Metrics tab, click Download as CSV file.

A dialog appears on the screen. You can select an option to Open or Save the CSV file.

Resource Summary

This section provides information about the subscribed resources.

The Resource Summary lists the resources based on which the user is billed for the OFSC Service. The Billing Metrics information is calculated based on one of the following resources:

  • Hosted Named Seat Month

  • Hosted Named User

  • Appointments

The metrics information will be populated for only one of the above resources that is included with the customer contract.