1Introduction to Cloud Portal

Cloud Portal

The Cloud Portal provides information about the service for which the user has an active subscription.

Cloud Portal is the centralized access point where you go to manage your Oracle Cloud deployments and instances. Cloud Portal provides options for both monitoring and operating your services. The My Accounts feature allows you to monitor the status of services for an entire account, across multiple data centers and identity domains. My Account displays information about active, expired, and pending services. The My Accounts feature lets you monitor and operate all active services within a single identity domain. You use Oracle Cloud Applications Console to perform all operating tasks after your services are activated.

For more information about the Cloud Portal, see the Cloud Portal library on Oracle Help Center.

Field Service Cloud and Cloud Portal

In this document, you can find information specific to Field Service Cloud settings for Cloud Portal.

The Field Service Cloud Service is available to the user only if the user has completed the following activities:
  • Subscription Provision Request— The user must have requested for Field Service Cloud Service Provision.

  • Activating the Service — The user gets an e-mail confirmation after successful subscription request. An activation link is provided in the e-mail, using which the user must activate the service.