Set Permission for Daily Extract Configuration

User types that have appropriate permissions can define and modify the Daily Extract configuration. Permission is granted to user types through the Configuration page.

To set up permissions for daily extract configuration:

  1. Click Configuration, User Types

    The User type info screen opens with a list of user types in the left column.

  2. Select the user type you want to allow to configure the Daily Extract fields.
  3. Click the Screen configuration tab and click Configuration.

    The Configuration screen opens with a list of actions in the left panel.

  4. Scroll down the Actions column and select Applications.

    The screen displays a list of labels in various languages, and the bottom of the screen contains the visibility information.

  5. Click Add new visibility.

    The visibility dialog box is displayed.

  6. In the visibility dialog, set the permissions as Read-only or Read-write as needed and click Save.
  7. Click Close in the lower left corner of the context layout screen.