Reset an Admin User

You can reset an admin user by creating a new user or resetting password for an existing administrator from the Field Service Cloud Service Console.

Use the following procedure to reset an admin user:
  1. Login to Oracle Field Service Cloud Service Console with your credentials.
  2. For any of the subscribed instances that you want to reset admin password, click on the menu present on the right side of the instance.
    The Reset Admin User window appears on the screen.
    This figure shows the reset admin user screen.
  3. Select Reset Password and click Continue.
  4. Enter the admin username in the Username text box.
  5. Click Generate Password.

    This figure shows the reset password screen.
    A confirmation window appears on the screen.
    Note: You cannot reset password for users related to ‘SAML’, ‘LDAP’, and ‘OpenID’ Login policy.

    Create New User

    You can create new admin user from the Reset Admin User window. You need to select the Create New User option and click Create.

    This figure shows the create admin user screen.

    A confirmation dialog appears on the screen that ‘Admin user has been created successfully’.