Add a New User to Cloud Account

After you sign in to your Cloud Account, you can see the Oracle Field Service application that you have purchased. You must create a user within the Oracle Field Service application in Oracle Cloud Console (Cloud Console) who can work with the Service Console.

  1. Log in to Cloud Console.
  2. Click Applications.
  3. Under Quick Actions, click Add a user to your tenancy.
  4. Click Create user and complete these fields on the Create user page:
    1. Type the first and last names of the user in the respective fields.
    2. If you want the email address of the user to be the Username to access Cloud Console, add it in the Username/Email field. Then, select Use the email address as the username.
    3. If you want the Username to be different from the email address, type a unique username in the Username/Email field. Then, deselect Use the email address as the username. Type the email address in the Email field.
    4. If you want to provide administrative privileges to the user, select Assign cloud account administrator role.
    5. In the Groups section, select the user group to which you want to assign the user.
    6. Click Create.
  5. After the user is added, click Identity > Domains > Default Domain.
  6. Click Oracle Cloud Services > FIELDSERVICETOA.
  7. Click Application Roles.
  8. In the OFSC_APP_ADMINISTRATOR row, click the arrow and expand the row.
  9. Click Manage next to Assigned users.
  10. Click Show available users and select user that you added in Step 4.
  11. Click Assign.
    The selected Oracle Cloud Services user is assigned to work with the Service Console of Oracle Field Service.