Adding On-Demand Rules to Data Forms

You can add on-demand rules to forms, by adding menu options to the Action menu for a form, or by adding the rules to the list of rules in the Business Rules dialog box.

When users are viewing or entering data in the form, they can execute the assigned on-demand rule from within the form so that they can see the calculated results in the form after execution.

To launch rules from a form, users must be assigned both access to the form and launch permissions for the rule. See Assigning Access to Rules.

To create Custom Menus for the calculation to be included as part of the form Action menu, see "Defining Action Menu Items" in Administering Planning Using the Simplified Interface.

To include on-demand rules as part of the Business Rules menu, you use the Business Rules tab of the Form designer.

You can decide how you want the on-demand rule to be processed for the form based on the properties assigned for the business rule. For example, you can define an on-demand rule for the form with these actions:

  • Run before loading the form

  • Run after the form is loaded with data

  • Run before saving the form data

  • Use the members invoked from form

  • Hide Run-Time Prompts

To add on-demand rules to a data form:

  1. Click the Navigator icon Navigator icon.

  2. Under Create and Manage, click Action Menus.

  3. Click New and enter a rule name, then click OK.

  4. Select the menu, click Edit, and then click Add Child.

  5. For Menu Item, enter a name for the menu option.

  6. For Label, enter the menu text that you want to display to users.

    Optional: You can provide a path to a graphic file on the server in the Icon field.

  7. For Type, select Business Rule.

  8. For Cube list, select Consol.

  9. In the Business Rules list, select an on-demand rule.

    You can enter a description or instructions for the rule in the Launch Confirmation Message field.

  10. Use the Hide Prompt option to suppress the run-time prompts for the rule. If you hide the run-time prompts, the members in the current cell point of view are used for the run time prompt dimensions when the rule is launched. If override values have been defined in Calculation Manager, the override values are used.

  11. Click Save to save the menu item, and then click Save again to save the menu.

  12. Click the Navigator icon Navigator icon

  13. Under Create and Manage, click Forms to open the form editor.

  14. Select the Other Options tab to assign the menu to a form.

  15. Click Finish.

To add on-demand rules to the list of business rules available from the Business Rules dialog box:

  1. Click the Navigator icon Navigator icon

  2. Under Create and Manage, click Forms to open the form editor.

  3. Select the Business Rules tab to add on demand rules to the list of business rules.

  4. In the Business Rules Properties area, specify options for the rule.

  5. Click Finish.

To view and launch the rule in a form, see Launching On-Demand Rules.