Creating an Application

Financial Consolidation and Close is a multi-dimensional consolidation application. By default, the system provides a required set of pre-defined dimensions to store the consolidation detail data. During application creation and configuration, you can select additional optional dimensions based on your application needs.

Before you create your application, you can click Take a quick tour to access useful information about designing and getting started with the application.

To create an application, you must be the Service Administrator.

After you create an application, you cannot rename it. For example, you cannot rename your "xxx" Test application to "xxx" in Production. You must recreate and rebuild your application.

To create an application:

  1. Log on to Financial Consolidation and Close as a Service Administrator.
  2. Under Finance, click Start.
  3. Click Financial Close.
  4. Click New.
  5. On the Create Application: General page, enter a Name for the application.

    The Application name cannot contain these characters:

    Ampersand (&), Apostrophe ('), Asterisk (*), At sign (@), Backslash (\), Caret (^), Colon (:), Comma (,), Curly brackets ({}), Dollar sign ($), Double quotation marks ("), " Equal sign (=), Exclamation mark (!), Forward slash (/), Greater than (>), Less than (<), Line (|), Minus sign (-), Number sign (#), Parentheses ( ), Percent sign (%), Period (.), Plus sign (+), Question mark (?), Semi-colon (;), Spaces, Square brackets ([]), or Tabs.

  6. For Description, enter an application description.
  7. Click Next.
  8. On the Details page, select the calendar and currency options for the application. After you create an application, you cannot change or enable these options.
    • Time Period - Number of Months: Select the number of months to include in the year: 12 months or 13 months.

      If you select 12 months, by default, the periods are January to December. You can always add an alias to the period name if you want it to be different.

      If you select 13 months, select the period Distribution for each quarter. The default distribution is 3-3-3-4. You can select a prefix, and the numbers 1 to 13 will be added to the prefix, for example, P1 through P13.

    • Start and end year: Select the period range for which you want to include data in the application.

      You can adjust the period range that you want for your application. You can also add additional years to your application by creating additional members in the Year dimension after the application is created.

    • First month of fiscal year: From the drop-down, select the first month to use for the fiscal year. For 12 months, the default is January. For 13 months, the default is P1.

    • Optional: Create HYTD Members: By default, the application provides the following views of data: Periodic, YTD, QTD. To also include Half Year to Date (HYTD) time periods, click Enable.

    • Main Currency: From the drop-down, select the main currency for your application. The system provides the standard ISO codes. The default currency is USD.

    • Multicurrency: Select this option if your application contains data for more than one currency. If the Multicurrency option is not enabled, the Currency dimension is not created for the application.

  9. Click Next to enable application features. See Application Feature Descriptions.
  10. After you select the features that you want to enable, click Next, and from the Review page, review the selected application details.
  11. To create the application, click Create, or to change any settings, click Back and make changes.
    When you click Create, the system creates the application shell and generates the applicable dimensions and members for your application based on your selections.
  12. From the Application Creation Status message, click OK.