Task Types

Task Types are saved definitions of commonly performed tasks. They identify and categorize tasks commonly performed during a business process, for example, Data Entry or General Ledger Extract. Task Types enable you to set default information, such as settings that must be input by the user, and questions or instructions that are shared by all tasks of that type. For example, if you have a set of required questions to be answered by users responsible for data loads, you can create a Data Load Task Type with the required questions. When you create data load tasks, you can select the Data Load Task Type and the questions are automatically included in the tasks.

Two predefined Task Types are installed by default:

  • Basic Task: Basic Task Type that does not contain instructions, questions, or attributes.

  • Parent Task: Enables you to create parent tasks to define task hierarchies.

To create and manage Task Types, you must be assigned the Service Administrator or Power User security role. Power Users can create their own Task Types, but can only view those of others.