Modifying Consolidation Methods

If you are a Service Administrator, you can change some of the settings for system methods and add new methods.

Note: You cannot delete a consolidation method if it is referenced in a configurable consolidation rule. A referential integrity error will occur if you try to delete a user-defined Consolidation Method either by deleting it in Manage Consolidation Methods in Manage Ownership or importing the file without the method that is defined in Configurable Consolidations.

To open the Manage Consolidation Methods screen:

  1. On the Home page, click Application and then click Consolidation.

    The Manage Ownership page opens by default.

  2. From the Actions menu on the Manage Ownership page, select Manage Consolidation Methods.

Changing System Method Ranges

The methods that comprise the 0% to 100% range are displayed at the top of the Manage Consolidation Methods screen in ascending order of ranges, from Subsidiary (>50% to <=100%) to Equity (>20% to <= 50%) to Not Consolidated (>0% to <=20%).

You can change the ranges by increasing or decreasing the upper or lower range settings. For example, to change the Equity lower range from >20% to >25%, click on the increment (Up arrow) button next to the lower range percentage field until it reaches 25%. As the lower range of the Equity method is increased, the upper range of the Not Consolidated method below will also change to 25%, preserving the 0% to 100% continuous range.

Removing Ranges from a System Consolidation Method

To remove a range from a method with a range assigned, click Actions (...) and select Remove Range.

The range will be removed and the method will be re-positioned below the range-based methods. The upper range of the method previously below the method from which the range has been removed will be adjusted to maintain the continuous 0% to 100% range.

Adding Ranges to a System Consolidation Method

To add a range to a method that has no range applied:

  1. Click Actions (...) in the relevant method row and select Add Range.

    A range from "=0" to "=0" will be added to the method and the method row will be repositioned at the bottom of the range-based methods.

    Note that this will now overlap with the lowest method with a range (">=0)" and the settings cannot be saved at this point.

  2. Drag the method row and drop it onto the method row above which the method with the newly assigned range should be inserted.

    For example, drag the Proportional row and drop it onto the Equity row.

  3. Adjust the upper and lower range entries of the newly positioned method as required.

    For example, change both the lower and upper range entries from 0% to 50%. Then change the operator of the upper range of the method below from <= to <. You can only save the changes when the range is continuous from 0 to 100.


No other changes can be made to the system method settings. The Control and Consolidation % settings are pre-determined and cannot be modified.

If the pre-set settings are not suitable, create a new method, add it to the range-based methods and remove the range from the system method.