Clearing Data

You can clear data for selected entities from a specific Scenario, Year, and period or range of periods. You cannot clear data for a locked entity.

To clear data, you must be a Service Administrator with Write access to the data.

You can clear these types of data:

  • Regular Data (including journals)

  • Override Data— rates and amounts entered on the Override Rates form for historical rate override accounts

  • Rate Data— data for global currency rates

After the Clear process, the Calculation Status of the entities changes to Impacted. You must run consolidation to update the values. The status of a parent entity also changes to Impacted if you clear data of its children. The system does not include entities with NoData as part of the Clear process.

Selecting Members

You must select members for Scenario, Year, Period, Entity, and Data Source.

You can optionally select members for the Account, Movement, Intercompany, Multi-GAAP and Custom dimensions. If you do not select members for these dimensions, all Level 0 members are included.

Note that the Member Selection also allows you to use Substitution and User variables.

The following members in these dimensions are fixed and not available for selection in the Clear Data process:

  • View - Periodic

  • Currency - Entity Currency

  • Consolidation - Entity Input

Data Source Members

To clear data with Journal detail, select the "Journal Input" member for Data Source. The system unposts the posted journal and clears the data cell value. It does not delete the supporting unposted journal. If you want to later remove the unposted journal, you can do so manually.

If you select the "Supplemental Data" member for Data Source, any data posted from a Supplemental Data form reverts to an Unposted status.

The seeded Data Source member FCCS_No Data Source stores system values in addition to custom values, so the data block is not cleared as part of the Clear Data process. When you select "FCCS_No Data Source " as the Data Source member, after the Clear Data intersection containing"FCCS_No Data Source " is executed, it is recommended that you also execute the ClearEmptyBlocks rule on the specified Scenario, Year, and Period.

Clear Data Profile

After you select members for the Clear Data process, you can save them as a Clear Data Profile. This enables you to later retrieve the information for the Clear Data process without needing to make member selections again. See Using Clear Data Profiles.

To clear data:

  1. On the Home page, click Application
  2. Click Overview, then from Actions, select Clear Data.
  3. Select the items that you want to clear:
    • Regular Data
    • Override Data
    • Rate Data
  4. For Target, select members for which to clear data, and click OK.
  5. Click Run to submit the Clear Data task, and at the prompt, click Yes to continue.
    The system displays a message that the Clear Data task is submitted. You can monitor the task status from the Jobs console. From the Application page, click Jobs, and then click on the job for more details.