Enabling or Disabling Security for Dimensions

You can enable security for dimensions, including user-defined Custom dimensions. If you do not set security on a dimension, all users can access the dimension members.

By default, the Account, Entity, Scenario, and Data Source dimensions are enabled for access permissions. Optionally, you can assign access to Year and Periods.

You can assign security to dimension members for user and groups. You can assign security at a member level or parent level.


Default security groups are assigned for some seeded members, however you should create your own security groups and not use the seeded groups. After an upgrade, the default security groups may be assigned even after you have previously removed them. To disable this behavior so that security assignments won’t happen after you have removed them, you can add a substitution variable named DisableSeededSecurity and set the value to True.

To enable or disable security for a dimension:

  1. Click the Navigator icon Navigator icon.
  2. Under Create and Manage, click Dimensions.
  3. From Dimensions, select a dimension and then click Edit.
  4. From the Edit Dimension Properties page, select an option:
    • To enable security, click Apply Security.


      If you do not select this option, there is no security on the dimension, and users can access its members without restriction.

    • To disable security, clear Apply Security.

  5. Click Save.