Example: Data Import File - Closing Balance Input and Replace Mode

You can load a data file that contains only the Closing Balance Input data to reverse the prior period non-zero Closing Balance amounts. When you load the data file, you use the Replace mode.

In order for the system to execute the reversal:

  • The file must contain only the Closing Balance Input Movement member.
  • It must be loaded using the Replace mode.

  • The prior period must not have a status of Impacted. It should have a calculation status of OK or System Change.

If the prior period is Impacted, the system displays a warning message that "No reversal of the prior period Closing Balance will be executed" and it does not perform the reversal.

If the Closing Balance Input data file contains data for multiple periods, the reversals of the prior period Closing Balances will only be applied to the first period loaded, because only the first period will have a prior period that is not impacted.

If reversal of Roll Forward and CTA accounts is not required, you can add a substitution variable named DoNotReverseRFAccountsForCBILoad and set the value to True before loading data in Replace mode. When the substitution variable is set to True, these accounts are not reversed:


  • FCCS_Retained Earnings Prior


  • FCCS_Retained Earnings Current

  • FCCS_Retained Earnings

You can view the data load status and any error messages in the Jobs console.

This example shows a Closing Balance Input data load file in Replace mode. The first row is the required Column Headers:

Entity, Period, Point-of-View, Data Load Cube Name
Base Entity,40000,"Actual,FY19,FCCS_Periodic,Entity Currency,Cash,FCCS_No Intercompany,FCCS_ClosingBalance_Input,FCCS_Data Input,FCCS_Local GAAP,FCCS_Entity Input",Consol
Base Entity,4000,"Actual,FY19,FCCS_Periodic,Parent Currency,Cash,FCCS_No Intercompany,FCCS_ClosingBalance_Input,FCCS_Data Input,FCCS_Local GAAP,FCCS_Parent Input",Consol 
Base Entity,400,"Actual,FY19,FCCS_Periodic,Parent Currency,Cash,FCCS_No Intercompany,FCCS_ClosingBalance_Input,FCCS_Data Input,FCCS_Local GAAP,FCCS_Contribution Input",Consol