Fixing Dimension Properties

The Fix the Dimension Properties configuration task enables you to fix issues related to non-system members being tagged as Reposition Only during Metadata Export. You can use this configuration utility to fix issues in the Account, Data Source, Currency, Entity, Intercompany, Movement, Scenario, Multi-GAAP and Custom dimensions.

To fix the dimension properties:

  1. On the Home page, click Application, and then click Configuration.
  2. Click Fix the Dimension Properties.
  3. From the Dimension drop-down list, select a dimension.
  4. Select the impacted members from the dimension and use the arrow keys to move them to the right-side (selected) column.

    You can select multiple members from different dimensions.

  5. After you have selected all impacted members, click Launch.
  6. From the confirmation prompt, click OK.
  7. When the task completes, an Information summary displays with a list of the fixed members that you selected. You can review the properties, then click OK.
  8. After the task is complete, from the Configuration page, click Enable Features.