Importing Approval Unit Hierarchies

An approval unit hierarchy can be populated with the contents of an approval unit hierarchy import file, including the definition and assignment information. The import file is the result of exporting an existing approval unit hierarchy. See Exporting Approval Unit Hierarchies.

Importing the approval unit hierarchy information doesn't create an approval unit hierarchy. The approval unit hierarchy populated from the export file must exist and have at least a name before the import. The import process always uses Replace mode, which means it first deletes all members of the approval unit hierarchy, and then adds each member specified as a new member in the load file.


An approval unit hierarchy load deletes an existing member and its children from the hierarchy if the member isn't specified in the input file.

To import an approval unit hierarchy:

  1. Click the Navigator icon Navigator icon, and then under Workflow, click Import and Export.
  2. Select Import Approval Unit Hierarchy.
  3. In Existing Approval Unit Hierarchy Name, select the approval unit hierarchy receiving the exported information.


    The imported approval unit hierarchy includes the defined owner, reviewers, and rules for determining the promotional path.

    If your Approval Unit Hierarchy is already started and you import an Approval Unit Hierarchy which may contain changes to assigned entities, errors will result. Before you import an Approval Unit Hierarchy file, ensure that the Approval Unit Hierarchy is not started by performing Exclude, which resets the hierarchy to Not Started status.

  4. For Approval Unit Hierarchy with Ownership, click Browse to select the exported approval unit hierarchy file to import.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click Import or Done. Import performs the action, and Done closes the dialog box.

    If the message Import successful is displayed, the approval unit hierarchy information in the exported file was successfully copied to the approval unit hierarchy that you selected in Existing Approval Unit Hierarchy Name.

    If the message Import not successful. Some items have not been imported is displayed, click Details to view the log file. Correct the errors and retry importing the approval unit hierarchy.