Creating Collections

When you work with Supplemental Data, you create a collection to define the data for the collection process. You can also create sub-collections, which allow finer detail data collection. You can ensure data collection security by specifying whether to prevent sharing of data across data forms.

To create a collection:

  1. On the Home page, click Application, and then click Supplemental Data.
  2. Click the Collections tab on the left.
  3. Select Actions, and then New.
  4. On the Properties tab, enter the collection information:
    • Name—Enter a unique name.

    • Description

    • Sub Collection—Select this checkbox to create a sub-collection. You can create a sub-collection only after creating a collection. See Creating Sub-Collections.

    • Collection Interval—Select a collection interval from the drop-down.

    • Associated Sub Collections—This is not editable and displays the sub-collection associated with the collection.

    • Share data records among Templates/Forms—The default selection is Yes which means the data is shared among templates/forms within the same Workflow selection. If you do not wish to share the data, click the No checkbox.

  5. On the Attributes tab, add attributes for the collection.