Viewing Tasks from the Schedule Tasks Page

From the Schedule Tasks page, you can search and filter the tasks. You can change views to display a visual representation of the data or display the data as rows and columns.

To view tasks from the Schedule Tasks page:

  1. From the Home page, click Tasks, then click the Schedule Tasks tab on the left.
  2. Optional: In Search, type the name of the required task. It will search across the columns in the list, except for dates and any icon-based columns.
  3. Select a Schedule for the task.

    If you select multiple schedules that are using the same POV, all tasks from all schedules for that POV are displayed.

  4. Optional: Create a filter to view the tasks. See Working with Filters.
  5. Optional: Change the POV by clicking the selection under the dimension name to display valid values.


    Click multiple entries to add multiple options. Click the selected entry again to remove it from the list.
  6. Optional: On the right side of the screen, click the View selector icon icon and select a view. See Working with Views
  7. Review the selected tasks.