Viewing Related Tasks

The Related Tasks section enables you to view the predecessor and successors for a task. The predecessor/successor tasks show the Task Assignees and Task Owners for the dependent tasks.

Related Tasks also displays prior runs of the task in other schedules. This enables you to view comments or references from the prior task, which may help you complete the current task run. From the Prior Tasks list, you can click on a task name to launch the Task Actions dialog box for that task and you can reassign a task to another user.

To view related tasks:

  1. On the Home page, click Tasks, and then select the Schedule Tasks tab on the left.
  2. Double-click a task to open it.
  3. Click the Related Tasks tab on the right.
  4. From Display, select Predecessors or Successors.
  5. Optional: To view information on a prior run of the task, click a task in the Prior Task list.
  6. Optional: To reassign the task, click Reassign and select the user to whom to assign the task.
  7. When finished, click Close.