Supplemental Data Process Overview

Supplemental Data Manager helps you organize, update, edit, and manage supplemental data, typically financial transactions. It is a robust ad hoc data collection process useful for footnotes, disclosures, and supporting details.

  1. The User can start opening the form from worklist (Home page -> Tasks -> Worklist) and then performs the following tasks:

    • Loads data manually once the period is open or uses a CSV file to import form data. Users can also act on any actions to be done, for example, entering comments and answering questions.

    • Performs validation and ensures correctness of data.

    • Submits data for approval.

  2. The User assigned as the approver reviews and approves or rejects the data (may have multiple levels of approval).

  3. The User views summarized data after the data is approved (depends on the workflow option), and posts data.

You can also manage the data collection process and work with supplemental data forms using the Supplemental Data option in Oracle Smart View for Office. You must first install the Smart View Extension for Supplemental Data Management. To install the extension, see "Downloading and Installing Clients " in the Getting Started with Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud for Administrators guide.