This chapter contains the following:

Overview of Consolidation

Select the best consolidation solution for your enterprise:

  • Reporting Only Consolidations: If your subsidiaries and corporate ledger share the same chart of accounts and calendar.

  • Balance Transfer Consolidations: If your subsidiaries and corporate ledger have either or both different charts of accounts and different calendars.

  • Financial Management Consolidations: If there are complex factors in your financial consolidation requirements such as:

    • Complex company structures such as joint ventures, minority interest holdings, partially or fully owned subsidiaries.

    • Multiple heterogeneous systems including data sources that are not general ledger that are required to support nonfinancial or industry-specific metrics, disclosures, and footnote schedules.

Example of Mapping Segments to Financial Management Dimensions

When integrating with Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, you can use the following dimensions for consolidation. Map one to one, or concatenate segments into a single Hyperion Financial Management dimension.

The following figure shows an example of mapping segments in Accounting Hub to dimensions in Hyperion Financial Management. In this example:

  • Company is mapped to Entity.

  • Department and Location are concatenated and mapped to Department.

  • Account and Subaccount are concatenated and mapped to Account.

  • Product is mapped to Product.

  • Program isn't mapped and its data is summarized.

This figure shows an example of mapping segments to dimensions.
Note: Data is summarized across segments that aren't mapped to dimensions.

FAQs for Consolidations

How can I secure balance transfer drill down?

The balance transfer drill-down feature is secured with the same privilege that controls the existing account balance inquiry features. A specific data access set is not required to drill down from the target ledger to the source ledger to view the balance transfer information. As long as you have read or write access to the target ledger you can drill down to the source ledger. However, you are limited to just that drill path and cannot see other journals for the target ledger.