7Commercial Documents

This chapter contains the following:


Set Up Commercial Documents for Poland

To print commercial documents for Poland, the application lets you use the following layouts:

  • VAT Invoice

  • Correction VAT Invoice

Note: You can also design your own layouts using the BI Publisher tool and associate them with Print Commercial Documents for EMEA. You can use one of the delivered layouts as a starting point to design your own layout.

You must define the following setups before setting up commercial documents for Poland:

  • Data Security

  • Geographies

  • Address Style Format

  • Enterprise Structures

  • Tax Regimes to Rate Flow

  • Tax Profiles for Parties

  • Tax Rules

  • Customers and Suppliers

  • First Party Bank, Branch, and Account

Defining Tax Reporting Types and Codes

Tax reporting types and codes are used to manage the list of available layouts, and classify documents to support complex conditional printouts. Navigate to the Manage Tax Reporting Types page from the Setup and Maintenance work area to maintain the tax reporting types. The following are the two tax reporting codes associated with Poland:

  • ORA_JEPL_PCD_PRINT_TEMPLATE: Use this tax reporting type code to manage the available layouts that you can use for printing the template for each transaction.

  • ORA_JEPL_TAX_EXEMPTION: Use this tax reporting type to manage the justifications for tax exemption.

Defining First-Party Banking Details

To display the bank detail of the issuer's legal entity on the printed invoice, define the banking information for the related Legal Entity Reporting Unit. Complete the following steps to define first-party banking details:

  1. Navigate to the Legal Reporting Unit Tax Profiles page from the Setup and Maintenance work area.

  2. In the Bank Account Details section, select or define the tax registration for the legal reporting unit, and define the name, branch, and bank account of the issuer's bank

Defining Receivables Transaction Types

Receivables transaction types are one of the sources that determine the layout you can use for a particular document. Perform the following tasks to complete the setup:

  1. Search for the Manage Transaction Types task from the Setup and Maintenance work area.

  2. Search for the Receivables transaction type set in the Transaction Type Set field.

  3. From the Search Results section, select the transaction types you want to use for Receivables.

  4. On the Edit Transaction Type page, select Transaction Types for Poland in the Regional Information field.

  5. Select the print template for the selected transaction in the Print Template field.

  6. Click Save and Close.

Defining Document Fiscal Classifications

You can use document fiscal classifications to determine the layout you want to use with a particular document. Perform the following tasks to assign a tax reporting code to a document fiscal classification code:

  1. Navigate to the Manage Transaction-Based Fiscal Classification page from the Setup and Maintenance work area.

  2. Select Document Fiscal Classification Codes from the list of values, and click Search.

  3. Enter Poland as the Country search field, and click Search.

  4. Select a document type and click Edit.

  5. On the Edit Fiscal Classification Code page, you can see the tax reporting codes associated with the document type you selected. Select a tax reporting code.

  6. Click Save and Close.

You can repeat this task for correction invoices and prepayments.