AI Apps Implementation Workflow

Follow these high-level steps to get started with AI Apps for Financials. Refer to the sections in this chapter to get more detailed implementation instructions where you need them.

Before you start

Before implementing AI Apps for Financial, make sure that the Cloud ERP environment for your organization meets the following criteria:
  • Must not be on a government pod
  • Should be live in production with at least 3 months of consumable data to benefit from high quality recommendations and prediction results

Step 1: Create users and assign roles

Create the users and roles in Oracle Cloud Financials to enable communication and data exchange for AI Apps and schedule and run the data extracts in Oracle BI Publisher. Create the user to access the administrator tasks in AI Apps for ERP.

Step 2: Set up AI Apps

On the Connections page in Oracle AI Apps for ERP, make the connections for your integrations with your Oracle Financials service. If you use the early payment discounts feature, choose your preferred conversion currency and the APR range for discount offers on the Settings page.

Step 3: Opt in for AI Apps for Financials features

In the Setup and Maintenance work area of Oracle Financials, enable the applicable features.

Step 4: Configure the campaign email template

In the Setup and Maintenance work area of Oracle Financials, manage the profile options and configure the value for the email sender name and address. Personalize the email template to represent your company's identity. If you won't be using email campaigns, you can skip this step.