Add Formulas to a Financial Reporting Report

This is the second of six topics on designing a financial report with Financial Reporting Web Studio.

In this example, you define a formula to summarize the expense account balances on your financial report.

Before you start, do the steps described in the Define a Basic Financial Report Using the Reporting Web Studio topic, then follow these steps.

  1. Right-click the last row header, select Insert Row and select Formula.

  2. Click in the empty cell in the new row.

  3. In the Heading Row Properties pane, select the Custom Heading option, enter Total Expenses and click the Update icon. The new heading appears in the report.

  4. Select the row header for the formula row. The SUM function appears in the design canvas.

  5. In the Formula bar, click the Sum(0) button and enter the formula and cell references in the formula text box.

    Because the expense rows appear one after the other, you can use the first row number and the last row number with a colon in between. For example, Sum([3:5]). If the rows weren't contiguous, you could put brackets around each row number and separate them with commas. For example, Sum([3], [5], [6]).

  6. Validate the formula syntax by clicking the check mark icon in the toolbar. Validation checks the validity of the formula, not if the data is available.

  7. Save the report and leave it open for the next topic, which is defining a range function. Optionally preview the report.