Cash Positioning

Cash positioning is the planning tool to view your daily cash position. Project your cash needs and evaluate your company liquidity position. The daily cash positions are based on actual cash flows from data sources such as bank statements and external transactions.

You can generate a daily cash position based on the following dimensions:

  • Currency Type: Reporting, Accounting, Transaction currency, and Ledger currency

  • Currency

  • Flow Indicator

  • Reconciliation Status

  • Bank Name and Bank Account Name

  • Legal Entity

  • Region and Legal Entity

  • Application

  • Source

  • Type: Balance and Transaction

  • Time


The Essbase cube is used for generating the cash position such as the following:

  • Bank statements

  • Transaction data from external transactions

You can view or manipulate the data from the Essbase cube in Excel using SMART View. The cash positions generated in SMART View enable you to analyze the data easily and quickly. You can expand on the inflow and outflow summarized amounts and drill down to view the details of the source transaction.

Note: To run Cash Position reports successfully, install a Smart View plugin later than the version on the certified browsers Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Balance Types

Banks can report different types of balances on the bank statements. You have the option to select which type of balances you want to use in SMART View as the opening balance in the cash position. Examples of the Balance Types are:

  • Opening ledger balance

  • Opening available balance

  • Opening 1 day and 2- day float

  • Closing ledger balance

  • Closing available balance

  • Closing 1 day and 2- day float