How Invoice Components Fit Together

In the application, an invoice has a header, lines, distributions, and installments.

The following figure shows the components and their relationship to one another.
Invoices have a header, lines, installments, and distributions.


An invoice header defines common information about an invoice, such as:

  • Invoice number

  • Invoice amount

  • Supplier

  • Payment terms

An invoice header can have multiple invoice lines.


Invoice lines:

  • Record details of the goods and services including tax, freight, and miscellaneous charges

  • Capture details necessary for integration with applications, such as Oracle Fusion Assets, Oracle Fusion Projects, and Oracle Fusion Purchasing

  • Can be generated automatically by matching an invoice to a purchase order, receipt, or consumption advice

  • Can be entered manually

An invoice line can have one or more distributions.


Distributions are used to create accounting entries and include information, such as:

  • Accounting date

  • Distribution combinations

  • Projects information


An invoice can have one or more installments. Installments include information, such as:

  • Due dates

  • Due amounts

  • Discount dates

  • Payment method