Invoice Installments

An installment is the part of the invoice that specifies payment due dates, amounts, and other payment information. An invoice can have one or more installments.

The payment terms and terms date on an invoice are used to calculate payment due dates and amounts. For example, if an invoice has payment terms of Net 30, the due date is 30 days after the terms date.

Splitting an Installment

You can split an installment. For example, you split an installment to make payments on two different days or to use two different payment methods. When you split an installment, another installment is automatically created for half of the gross amount of the installment that you split. You can then edit the due and discount dates and amounts on the new installment.

Caution: You can't split an installment that's paid, partially paid, on hold, or selected in a payment process request.

Placing or Releasing a Hold on an Installment

You can place and release holds on installments. Installments with holds can't be paid.

Caution: You can't place a hold on an installment that's paid, already on hold, or selected in a payment process request.