Budgetary Control Validation Diagnostic Test

You can review budgetary control validation errors and resolutions in the Budgetary Control Validation Diagnostic Data test report. Use this report to understand the reason for and details of budgetary control validations result for a transaction that has been reserved or funds checked.

You can generate the diagnostic report in the following manner:

  1. Sign in as the application diagnostics administrator.

  2. Select Run Diagnostics Tests...from Troubleshooting from your user profile menu.

  3. Search for the test Budgetary Control Validation Diagnostic Data on the Diagnostic Dashboard.

  4. Use the check box to select the diagnostic test and click Add to Run. A new row appears in the Choose Tests to Run and Supply Inputs section.

  5. Click the warning icon on the Input Status column to open the Input Parameters window.

  6. Select the include check box icon for either Data Set ID or Transaction Number or both and enter the required parameters on the New Value column and click OK.

  7. Verify that the warning icon changes to success on the Status column and click Run on the Choose Tests to Run and Supply Inputs tool bar. Click OK to close the confirmation message.

  8. Click the refresh icon on the Diagnostic Test Run Status table until your request is complete.

  9. Click the View Test Results icon on the Report column to review the diagnostic report.

  10. Click the Execution ID link in the Executions section of the Diagnostic Engine Log output to download and include the report as an HTML file in the Service Request for support.