Overview of the Expenses Work Area

This worked example shows you how to use the Expenses work area, and create an expense report. The expense report is for business travel and contains itemized hotel expenses, including personal expenses.

It covers the following tasks:

  • Exploring the work area

  • Creating an expense report

  • Entering expense items

  • Itemizing expense items

  • Submitting the expense report

Exploring the Work Area

  1. On the Home page, click Me > Expenses.

    The Expenses work area opens.
  2. You can see up to five tabs depending on the features that are enabled for you. Each tab leads to a separate page in the work area. Here are the details of the pages:

    • The Travel and Expenses page opens by default and is available to all employees. You can use this page to create and manage your expense items and reports.

    • The Approvals page is used to approve expense reports and cash advance requests. This page is available only for managers.

    • The Cash Advances page is where you can request cash advances, and then manage any advances that haven't been applied to an expense report.

    • The Authorization page enables you to submit a request to approve estimated expenses for a future activity.

    • The Trips page can be used to automatically create an expense report from a trip and book travel.

  3. Click the Go to Task icon to perform these additional tasks:

    • Advanced Search

    • Manage Bank Accounts

    • Manage Delegates

    • View Cumulative Mileage

    • Create Expense Items in Spreadsheet

  4. Use the global search field to search items across expense reports, cash expense items, and corporate card items.

  5. The Travel and Expenses page displays a set of cards, each representing an expense report. You can use the first card, Create Report, to create expense reports.

  6. Review the other expense cards that appear in a carousal:

    • Cards are arranged based on their status. The actionable cards appear first, followed by other cards.

    • Each card displays information, such as expense report status, purpose, amount, and so on.

    • The cards contain a list of actions that you can perform on the expense report directly from the card. The actions in the list change based on the status of the expense report.

  7. Review the Available Expense Items section for expense items that are not added to an expense report.

Creating an Expense Report

To create an expense report, complete these steps:
  1. Click the Create Report card.

    Tip: If you want to add an existing expense item to the expense report, select the expense item in the Available Expense Items section and then click the Create Report card.
  2. On the Create Expense Report page, in the Purpose field, enter EXM Expense Report.

  3. Click Save.

    A confirmation message appears, which includes the automatically assigned report number.
  4. Click OK.