About Application Diagnostics

Application diagnostics enables Service Administrators, at design-time, to identify and resolve design flaws before an application is placed in production (and on an ongoing basis, as the application evolves with new members and data is added to the application) and used by end users. Service Administrators can use application diagnostics to evaluate the following:

  • An entire application

  • Types of artifacts such as forms

  • Individual "cherry picked" artifacts

Application diagnostics identifies changes that Service Administrators can make at design-time to resolve artifacts with design flaws, and provides easy access to the editors required to modify them. At runtime, internal processes perform checks that may deny system request if artifacts need to be modified. Application diagnostics evaluates your application and artifacts based on the user a Service Administrator selects. This enables you to determine the potential problems that may occur at runtime given the individual user's variables and security access as part of the analysis.