Uploading and Downloading Files Using the Inbox/Outbox Explorer

Use the Inbox/Outbox Explorer to upload files to the server or download them to your computer.

To schedule an import or export job, see Scheduling Jobs.

To upload or download files:

  1. Click Application, and then click Overview.

  2. Click Actions, and then Inbox/Outbox Explorer.

  3. Optional: Filter by name, refresh the listing, and upload files from the server.

  4. To upload a file from the server, click Upload. In the Upload File dialog box, click Browse, select the file to upload, and then click Upload File.

  5. To download a file from the server, select the desired file, then click Actions icon, and then click Download File.

  6. Click Close to close the Inbox/Outbox Explorer and return to the Overview tab.


There is an upload file size limit of 2GB. If your upload file exceeds the size limit, either select a smaller file or use EPM Automate to upload the larger file. For information about EPM Automate, see Working with EPM Automate for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud.