Viewing the Status of Jobs

View pending jobs and recent activity on the Jobs console.

The Jobs console lists jobs that are in a pending state under Pending Jobs. Jobs that are processing, have run and are completed, or have errors are listed under Recent Activity.

Jobs are retained in the Jobs console for 90 days.

To view the status of jobs:

  1. Click Application, and then click Jobs.
  2. Perform a task:
    • To filter jobs and activity by criteria such as date or job type, click filter icon.

    • To search for a job by name, enter text in the Search, and then click search icon.

    • To view a job's details, click the job.


  • The application is automatically refreshed during an application upgrade. If any refresh errors occur during an application upgrade, you can view the errors on the Jobs page. These errors are captured in the job called Content Update.

  • The Recent Activity list on the Jobs page defaults to display only the last day's data. Similarly, the job filter’s Start Time and End Time dates default to yesterday and today to have only a one day difference. Click filter icon to change the default display.

  • Jobs older than 90 days are purged.