Working with Members

Use the Select Members dialog box to select the members to use with the following features:

  • Business rule runtime prompts

  • User variables

  • Dynamic variables

  • Data export

  • Point of view and page axis where valid intersection rules are applied

  • Valid intersections


Forms 2.0, Dashboards 2.0, and ad hoc grids use a different version of the member selector. See Using the Member Selector in Administering and Working with Enterprise Profitability and Cost Management.

If variables and attributes are defined, you can select variables and attributes. You can display and select members by member name or alias. The display options that you define for the Member Selection dialog box override those defined as an application default by a Service Administrator, and those specified as an application preference.

If drop-down member selectors are defined for row dimensions on a form, you can select members directly from the list, enter data, and add rows to a form.

See Entering Data for Suppressed or Excluded Members in Working with FreeForm.