Use Cases

Use cases demonstrate how to get things done with REST APIs, including how to create and update records, and more. Use them to understand quickly how REST APIs can meet your business needs.

To get the most benefit from the following use cases, you should be familiar with basic REST concepts discussed in the Quick Start.

The following table summarizes the most common use cases for Oracle HCM Cloud REST APIs.

Product Area Use Case Shows how to...


Manage Absences

Request or record absences in your third-party application and have them reflect in Oracle HCM Cloud.

Manage Availability Patterns

Create, update, or retrieve availability patterns, shifts and breaks in your third-party application and have them reflect in Oracle HCM Cloud.

Manage Maternity Absences

Create or update maternity absences and retrieve entitlement summary.

Retrieve Plan Balance

View balances in your third party application, have them reflect in Oracle HCM Cloud and retrieve balances on absence plans.

Core HR

Access Worker Directories

Retrieve worker information in your corporate worker directory.

Manage HCM Tasks

Retrieve the list of HCM tasks assigned to the user and take appropriate action.

Manage Role Assignments

Assign and revoke roles in your on-premise LDAP and have these assignments reflect in Oracle HCM Cloud.

Notify Downstream Applications

Notify downstream applications of changes that occur to the employee and work structures information in Oracle HCM Cloud.

Retrieve Representative Information

Retrieve the areas of responsibility information for an employee (for example, HR representative, Benefits representative, and so on).

Update Employee Information

Update or correct employee details (such as e-mail address and user name) generated by the central LDAP application in Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud.

Employee Wellness

Add Employee Wellness Data

Record employee wellness activity externally and add the data to Oracle HCM Cloud.

Register a Tracking Service

Add a tracking service to report wellness activity.

Learning Cloud

Retrieve Learning Records

Retrieve the learning assignment records of a learner for learning item types Course, Specialization, Video, and Tutorial.

Upload Learning Content

Perform mass upload of learning content to Oracle Learning Cloud.

Update Learning Content

Update learning content in Oracle Learning Cloud.

Time and Labor

Create Time Entries

Create a time entry for a worker, for a specific day.

Delete Time Entries

Delete a time entry on a time card.

Manage In and Out Time Events

Record In and Out time events using an external time collection device.

Manage Late Time Events

Report an In time event outside the 15-minute grace period.

Manage Missing Out Time Events

Report only an In time event but not an Out event.

Manage Schedule Creation

Create a schedule.

Manage Schedule Deletion

Delete a schedule.

Manage Schedule Edits

Create, update, or delete a shift.

Manage Shift Breaks

Report In and Out time events on two consecutive days such that the rest period between the two consecutive shifts is less than the defined 12-hour rest period.

Manage Time Events

Manage Time Events by recording in and out time transactions.

Retrieve All Payroll Time Types

Retrieve all values from a given time attribute.

Retrieve Time Attributes

Retrieve all seeded time attributes, such as payroll time type and project, which can be imported with time record, time events and schedules.

Retrieve Time Cards

Get the time cards in error for a worker, for the current month.

Retrieve Time Entries

Get all reported time entries for a worker, for a specific week.

Update Time Entries

Update a time entry on a time card.