12HCM Cloud Mobile App

This chapter contains the following:

Oracle HCM Cloud Mobile App

Use the Oracle HCM Cloud mobile app to access HCM cloud features on your mobile device. You can use the mobile app on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. You use the same URL you use on your desktop to connect to the HCM Cloud application on your mobile. You only see information that's relevant to your role when you sign in.

If you open the app on your phone, you can access only the mobile responsive features. If you open it on a tablet, you can access both classic and mobile responsive features.

Note: To access the mobile responsive home page, your administrator needs to set the layout to News Feed. If this isn't set, the home page won't adjust to the size of your device. For more information on how to enable the News Feed home page and mobile responsive features, see the document (Document ID 2399671.1) on My Oracle Support https://support.oracle.com

The mobile app uses the preferred language you select in the desktop application. On the desktop application, you select the language for the current session on the login screen. The only exception to this is the language used by the mobile app which could be different since it's determined by the device language.

Configure the Oracle HCM Cloud Mobile App

The steps to install and configure the app on Android and iOS mobile devices are the same, except where indicated:

  1. Download Oracle HCM Cloud Mobile from the app store or play store. On Android devices, you have to download and manually install the mobile app.

  2. Accept the end user license agreement (EULA) to proceed to the sign in page. From there on, you will have the same user experience on the desktop and mobile.

  3. Paste the entire HCM Cloud application URL on the Getting Started page. For example:

    • HCM Desktop URL: https://abcd100-fa.us.abc.com

    You can change this later if you want to. Alternatively, go to Settings and change the primary account host name.

    Note: If you can't access the application using the mobile app, try accessing it using the mobile browser. If you still can't sign into the mobile app, contact your HR department.
  4. If you want to add more accounts, tap Settings on the Getting Started page and do these things:

    • Swipe the Multiple Accounts option to On.

    • Add the environment URLs for the other accounts.

FAQs for HCM Cloud Mobile

Can I use any third-party mobile device management software with Oracle HCM Cloud Mobile?

Your organization can use enhanced security measures like securing the app using a third-party Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool. However, there is no support for this and organizations are responsible for the related outcome if they use any third-party tool or mechanism.

What's the difference between accessing Oracle HCM Cloud on the mobile app and through the mobile browser?

The main difference is that you can use the mobile app for offline learning.

A tablet provides the same functionality and experience as in the desktop. Both mobile responsive and classic pages and menu items are available.