Use Transaction Design Studio to Configure Field Displays

Use the Transaction Design Studio (TDS) to configure transactions and pages for responsive applications. TDS is available within the HCM Experience Design Studio.

You can control the visibility of attributes that are displayed either as Delivered or Enabled, and the availability of fields and sections of a transaction based on the user's role, person's business unit, or legal employer.

By default, the responsive pages display the often used attributes and hide the less often used attributes. Use Page Composer to personalize the responsive pages and display the attributes and tabs delivered within the feature.

Here's how you start HCM Experience Design Studio:

  1. Sign in to the application as Human Capital Management Application Administrator with Access HCM Page Configurator (HRC_ACCESS_HCM_TRANSACTION_CONFIGURATOR_PRIV) privilege. This privilege provides you access to TDS in HCM Experience Design Studio.
  2. Enable a sandbox to compose data for configuring business objects. On the Home page, click the HCM Experience Design Studio quick action under the My Client Groups tab.
  3. Under Settings and Actions, click Edit Pages .
  4. Select the site layer and click OK.