Delete an ethnicity




Path Parameters
  • Surrogate identifier for the contact's ethnicity.
  • This is the hash key of the attributes which make up the composite key for the HCM Contacts resource and used to uniquely identify an instance of HCM Contacts. The client should not generate the hash key value. Instead, the client should query on the HCM Contacts collection resource in order to navigate to a specific instance of HCM Contacts to get the hash key.
Header Parameters
  • If the REST API supports runtime customizations, the shape of the service may change during runtime. The REST client may isolate itself from these changes or choose to interact with the latest version of the API by specifying this header. For example: Metadata-Context:sandbox="TrackEmployeeFeature".
  • The protocol version between a REST client and service. If the client does not specify this header in the request the server will pick a default version for the API.

There's no request body for this operation.

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Default Response

No Content. This task does not return elements in the response body.
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