Filter Managers Using Parent Position Hierarchy

The Manager list of values (LoV) only displays the incumbents of the parent position when there are multiple incumbents for the parent position.

This feature applies to responsive employment pages only when the legal employer or enterprise is set up to use position hierarchy and the line manager is configured to be synchronized based on the position hierarchy.

These points summarize the behavior of the Manager LoV:
  • If there's no parent position, then the Manager LoV will display all the workers.
  • If there is only one incumbent in the parent position, then the incumbent is defaulted and the Manager LoV is non-editable.
  • If there are multiple incumbents in the parent position, these conditions apply:
    • The manager will be defaulted according to the setting of the ORA_PER_POS_INCUMBENT_TENURE_ASG_SUP profile option.
    • You can edit the Manager LoV. However, when you search the LoV, the search results will only show the incumbents from the parent position, and those will be default search values.
    • You can’t select any other person who is not an incumbent of the parent position.
  • If there are no incumbents in the parent position, these conditions apply:
    • The application searches the position hierarchy until it finds a position with at least 1 incumbent.
    • If it’s just 1 incumbent, then that person is populated as the manager and the field becomes read-only.
    • If the delegate position field is populated on the vacant parent position, then the application doesn’t search the normal position hierarchy to find the next higher position with an incumbent. Instead, the application will use the delegate position to find the managers to populate.
Here are some points to consider for the feature of filtering managers using parent position hierarchy:
  • If the ORA_PER_POS_INCUMBENT_TENURE_ASG_SUP profile option is set to the default Longest tenure in Assignment (LTA) value, then the Managers LoV will show both Active and Suspended assignments of the incumbents. For all other profile option values, the LoV will only show active assignments of the incumbents.
  • The feature will work in both database (DB) and Oracle Search version of the Worker LoV.
    Note: You won’t see some columns in the DB version of the Worker LOV (for example, Assignment Status).