Graphical Position Hierarchy

The HCM position hierarchy shows the relationship between positions and their parent positions. You can view and edit the hierarchy on the HCM Position Hierarchy page, if your data security profile allows you.

You can identify a position's parent on the Manage Positions page if the Use HCM Position Hierarchy option is enabled for the enterprise.

The nodes of the position hierarchy represent positions and parent positions. You can:

  • Add child positions under a position either by creating a new position or by selecting an existing position as the child.

  • Create a copy of an existing position by specifying a new name and code. The rest of the information is copied from the original position to the copy. You can change any information that you want.

  • Edit the position.

  • View the incumbent details including name, person type, person number, position entry and exit dates, and their status as of the current date.

  • Delete any position that doesn't have any incumbents or child positions.

In each position node, you can view:

  • Position name and code.

  • Business unit, job, department, and location.

  • Number of incumbents for the position.

  • Open Full Time Equivalent (FTE)

  • Current incumbents in the position.